Consortium Conference for Indigenous Communities in Colombia

The Pro-Indigenous Christian Consortium of Colombia is comprised of Christian churches, national and international missionary agencies, and non-governmental organizations that support a network of Christian indigenous leaders from different regions around Colombia. Through indigenous and non-indigenous joint efforts the aim of the consortium is to strengthen, equip and mobilize the indigenous church.

The consortium, though in its initial phase of development, has approximately 25 member groups that are engaged in different kinds of work across Colombia. The Wájaro Foundation is one the consortium’s newest members and see its participation as a strategic space to build relationships with indigenous leaders from around the country, hear about the different processes going on in their communities, and to identify, develop and support various projects.

Currently Wájaro is evaluating the feasibility of different project ideas that have been submitted to the consortium through the above mentioned network of indigenous leaders. The project ideas come from over 29 different indigenous groups, and range from assisting the church to accompany displaced indigenous communities in Bogotá, to developing plans and strategies for the creation of an indigenous seminary in southeast Colombia. In order to effectively assess a handful of prioritized project ideas, Wájaro is seeking financial support which would allow an evaluation team to travel to potential project sites and better get to know the context, the communities, and their ideas – and to ultimately launch two or three new long-term partnerships.